Who we are

YIDA LASER is a company that suppliesand develops cutting-edge lasetechnology. Our philosophy is to lead thelaser cutting industry by providing oulcustomers with the most efficient ancadvanced machines available. Our goal isto be at the forefront of innovation and tooffer the best products in the world.

What we do

We strive to provide our customers withunbeatable value through precisionoptimal performance, high-quality productscompetitive pricing, and a commitment tosustainability.We work collaboratively withour customers to continuously improvetheir experience and exceed their ever-evolving expectations.

This is Our Way

How we act and treat each other matters for us to fulfil our ambitions, We are dedicatecto complving with all external regulations and doing the right thing.To maintain the brancYIDA LASER's position as a trusted partner, a company valued by our customers anorespected by society, we must act consistently and follow a strong ethical compass.

Our Story

Our founders had a vision: Mr.Lianghoped to make advanced laser cuttingmachines affordable and easy-to-usefor factories of all sizes while ensuringquality and creating value. His family'sroots in the industry date back to 1971when his father joined"Shandong lronand Steel Co..td." Today. their familvof laser brands attracts customersfrom around the world. This is our story.

1958 – Our story begins with the foundingof “Shandong lron and Steel Co., Ltd.”, oneof the first local steel enterprisesestablished in China.

1971 – Our CEO’s father- Old Mr. Liangjoined the company and became a regularworker.

1980’s – Old Mr.Liang became intriquedwith COz laser cutters after learning to useone, despite their rarity and beingconsidered a high-tech product at the time

1980 -2000 – As an expert invarious metaprocessing and cutting machines within theenterprise, Old Mr. Liang was well-verseon the industry. With China’s heavy industrybooming, he decided to venture out on hisown and start his own business.

2001 – Old Mr.Liang founded his firstcompany specializing in wood and metamilling, which served various processingcompanies.Thanks to his extensiveexperience and the quality reputation of hisproducts, his business began to thrive.

2002 – As part of a government-organizeobusiness team, Old Mr. Liang traveled tothe United States to atten d thenternational Metal Exchange SeminarDuring the trip, he was exposed to thelatest advancements in laser cuttinotechnology, which reignited his passion fothe laser industry.

2008 – Our current CEO, Mr. Liang, joinedthe company and started his career inmechanical repair and manufacturingwhere he learned about all aspects of laselcutting machines,including theilapplications and related knowledge.

2010 – During an international exchangemeeting,Mr.Liang met his businesspartner, Mr. Rosenfeld from lsrael. whcwas conducting laser technology research.The two ioined forces to develop a moreefficient and stable laser cutter. MrRosenfeld provides technical supportwhile Mr. Liang provides funding andmanufactures the products.

2012 – After becoming the CEO of thecompany,Mr. Liang oversaw thedevelopment of a more advanced andstable laser cutting machine.

2013 The YIDA LASER brand wasestablished, which focuses on overseassales and promotion.

2014 YIDA LASER began to establish aglobal sales network and within the sameyear, the company’s laser cutting machineswere sold to 10 countries around the world.creating a strong start for overseas trade.

2015 – 2023 _ YIDA LASER continued tocollaborate with lsraeli laser scientific researchinstitutions and design companies in variouscountries to develop and create laser productsthat offer good quality, reasonable pricingaccuracy, and efficiency.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic had aprofound impact on people worldwide andpresented significant challenges for ourcompany. Many supply chains were disrupted.

Despite the changing  global landscape.ourcommitment to maintaining high productquality remains steadfast.Our newsustainability targets, including theestablishment of a global product hub by 2025are still in progress.